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Lightwork with deltaCure®

What is deltaCure®?

deltaCure® is a meditation technique that allows very quick and deep transformation, if you open yourself up to it, because it works with delta-frequencies, as the name indicates. We know delta-frequencies from our sleep, they are the frequencies of deep sleep, which means by working with deltaCure® and within a state of deep relaxation it becomes possible to create a change in our unconscious mind, the place where all the hidden causes for our problems lie. Then, the sleep during the night is helping us to process and integrate the change we set in motion while working with deltaCure®. 

What makes deltaCure® so special and unique is the fact that we connect through our heart with our soul and mother soul (primal soul), with these energetic and vibrational fields that have all the answers and solutions for us (whereas other meditation techniques connect via the crown chakra, not the heart). This is exactly why deltaCure® allows us to connect with our inner truth, with our inner cosmos, our true beingness within. It enables us to free ourselves from all the limitating programming, to regain our strength and creator consciousness, in order to be free and then create the life of our dreams. 

 By connecting us deeply with our heart again, deltaCure® makes it possible for us to FEEL again, which enables us to release old, suppressed and low vibrational emotions (anger, fear/anxiety, sadness, guilt, shame) and to again EXPERIENCE high vibrational feelings, such as love, joy, freedom, lightness/ease and trust. This change of frequency, of how we feel on a daily basis, is what makes all the difference in what we create and attract, and is evoked by the change of the vibration WITHIN US. Our ability to FEEL also enables us to differentiate the highest divine truth from the untruth, which is becoming more and more important in this day and age. We cannot KNOW the truth, we can only FEEL it deep within our hearts. This is the reason why deltaCure® can be seen as the KEY to the higher timelines, it is the tool that makes ascension to higher dimensions possible and easier for us, because it enables us to FEEL again. 

This was a short version in my own words about the wonderful and high vibrational tool that is deltaCure®. If you would like to know more about this meditation technique, feel free to visit the official deltaCure® website by Simone Tomasetti-Freymann. She already received deltaCure® in her teenage years and is now bringing it into the world. Dear Simone, thanks from my heart to yours for everything you are and everything you do. ♥

Click on the following button to visit Simone’s website. 

My journey with deltaCure®

I have known the wonderful Simone since 2019, from before the world was ready for deltaCure®, she was the one who gave me my first energetic session. The positive change in my state of mind from only one session was so significant, I felt like a completely different person after I had travelled my subconsious for the first time, that I HAD TO find out and learn for myself how to work with energies and light consciously. The first seminars (back then still Theta Healing®) can be seen as my first great spiritual awakening. Since then, energy work is an integral part of my daily life and each day I’m awakening more and more into my higher consciousness, true beingness and highest potential. 

In July 2022, I finally had the great pleasure to learn deltaCure® myself, after my beautiful soul sister Annika Backes had encouraged me to take part in the first course with her as a teacher. Since then, I have taken a lot more seminars and of course, I have been working intuitively (for myself and others) with this helpful technique. Dear Anni, thanks from my heart to yours, for everything you are and everything you do, for always encouraging me to leave my old comfort zones and step into my true greatness, to unfold my highest potential more and more. ♥

Visit Annika’s website to see how wonderfully she is bringing her love and light into the world. 

The most amazing thing about such energetic courses and sessions is the elevation, the rise in frequency that is happening, the higher activations one can get, again, if open and ready for it. For me it’s the same each time, it catapults me forward and my frequency upward in a way that real and true change can HAPPEN in my life, I SEE it happen every day in numerous miracles. 

In 2023, I started taking the deltaCure® teacher seminars and can now finally teach deltaCure® myself, which enables me to step into and live my true calling, to ground my higher cosmic wisdom and pass this knowledge on to other people. By sharing this information, I enable them to connect with themselves and their higher inner power as divine beings of light and creators, so that they can create for themselves any change in their lives they wish for. Click on this button to have a look at my profile on the official deltaCure® website. 

My deltaCure® seminars so far


For you - deltaCure® with Janine

If you are interested in travelling your inner cosmos with me, that means if you would like to receive a deltaCure® session from me, feel free to send an e-mail to info@janineulrich.com or directly use my contact form. Then, I will give you more information, answer any questions you might have and we can find a way to work together with energies and light for your highest good. 

If you are interested in starting to take the deltaCure® courses WITH ME as a TEACHER and in ENGLISH, or maybe you even have some friends or family members who would like to try something new, feel free to contact me also and we will work something out. I’m delighted with every soul who is opening themselves up to the higher dimensions of light, and I’m very much looking forward to hearing from you.